now watch me cry, now watch me run
just the same as anyone
along the ledge out in the light
and we can only go so far
how can we know just what we are
all we’re told is not to see

greeting with a royal pride
hiding with our shame

across the room there lives a spider
waiting for us to lose our way
and so we dream ever so safely
better not lose our friends today

and how the fear can escalate
but we can hope that’s what they say
within the rules you will achieve
and then the more of us there are
the more that we will carry on
and we can keep the myth alive

ash to ash and lie for lie
how we hold our side

outside the world there sounds the thunder
rattles and shatters through the wall
and skye she takes a chance through darkness
not even really knowing why

to where i don’t know
to where the earth glows
with eyes wide open
and light from within






Silent World

i can’t find the way they talk to me
their silent world hangs above me
closed off from what little room i had
i cannot move, i can no longer be

floods of distant ghosts are calling you
to be a part of last year’s tale
free of shackles from a real gaze
we’re at our best and we’re at our worst

take me to the wind where i can
feel the air all around embrace me
castles in their moats with no connection to anyone
all around are new born butterflies
i won’t harm the fresh light in their eyes
i looked around but it had gone away
i can’t find a reason to stay

i can’t read what they have shown me
and if i do i’m even less like me
tucked away from what used to move me
there’s little left, now so little right

waves of meaning all is leaving me
who really cares what i say
i feel like i’ve never been alive at all

take me to the winter i remember from so long ago
four feet deep and hours spent making new homes in our hopes
all around are new sun’s distant skies
i won’t harm the beauty for our lives
i looked around but i had gone away
could not find a reason to stay







Sky Above the Sun

trapped in a dark green world, i rest a while on wooden towers i have never seen
i will reach the end, carried with the leaves before my friends

when i was young i dreamed of this
distant places i would find
i realised it all too late
words can’t find a way to say

crack down, arrange it all
find out the answer to this question
gather around me then, am i so different from before?

once upon a time i had a friend
showed me the way with a smile
and the choice was late
but when it came
with such a simple answer
it had been, on your mind for so long
from an early dream in the sun
oh sweet emily, oh when will the song sing for you

confessions cruel and harsh
a poison to be spread
a prisoner before you said
watching terrifying screams with blank stares
taken out, there’s nothing left, there’s nothing
open sea
sky above the sun
leave me, to find a way
lonely hours of peace will be
what i need

greeting with a royal pride
hiding with our shame we cry
i wonder if we’re lovelier at night
ash to ash and lie for lie
how i love the silent bride
all we lose is all our heart inside

what if i crossed your path
what if i turned away
followed my own heart
is it right or wrong

open sea
sky above the sun
leave me
to find a way
lonely hours of peace will be
what i need

love the breeze
and how it doesn’t know
see me
i will not stay
think about instead what it means
to be me
to be free

and my words were wrong
because in the end, it takes so many peaceful souls to find
what is love and what is kind
and what should matter to us all
oh sweet emily, oh when will the song sing for you?

and the choice was late but when it came
with such a simple answer, it had been
on your mind for so long
from an early dream in the sun
oh sweet emily, oh when will the song sing for you?

First Thoughts

The smallest of things we know
Well I know it’s only mine
Through a mirror times a million I will show
In searching for one like us
Like we all may have a twin
Where we go or where we’ve been
Even now I long
And I will make contact again
As close as we once were
So many now have given back
And they gave themselves to find
Just the reason or a rhyme to carry on
And everything in how it formed
as the tones were not forseen
but as if they’d always been
Long may the land recall
How you once became like the earth
Please find us again

Back to the Start

Shut down and safe
Gone far away
Somehow I’m here again
Thawed out yesterday
Turbulent times
Sigh of relief
Acceptance I’ll give
If I can only live again
Deep into dreams
Seems the only means we have, are to risk a life
Who will go?
I move ahead, look to the future see a pawn
Long since given up
Who will it be?


Storms approaching from the west
Great birds fill up the sky
One lands near me
A message here to see

They’re taking me far away
I have not even finished half my life
And half the things I knew

I didn’t know
One day they’d take control
It crept out of the dark just like I was told
Fading past, we’ll be here living out our final days without light
And though we’re still alive, we finally realise
The future won’t arrive, won’t be another ride
There won’t be another port in sight

Strength that’s in the pieces of this thing that holds the ship together is lost
We’ve made it through on less
And through these narrow sides that seem to be much higher now to trust
that we can make it by

We didn’t know, one day we’d lose control
It crept out of the dark just like we were told
Fading eyes, we’ll be here calling out our teenage years without fight
And though we’re still alive, we finally decide
There’s nothing left to try, no changing with the tides,
There won’t be another word to write


Calmly waiting locked in place I
Check again before I say goodbye
Bright and clear there’s every reason
Soon to be so many miles away
And all that I’ve learned
could be forgotten
In a moment I’d still act
and honour is intact
A picture appears
in my mind it fears
All of this may come to dust
A flame to break all bonds
The hope of everyone
And soaring above
And suddenly

Staring up through floors of wires and glass
Metal constructs and the questions last
Variations, firing sequence set
In my pocket everyone I’ve met

And not so long now
A faint pull towards
A sister alone
A fine distant shore
Cassandra weep not
In the mire won’t be caught
We’ll reap what we’ve wrought
And when we do go
No day or night we’ll know
And roaring above
And finally

There was a time
When all was hope for futures
And the sound
was long in its stare
Freezing moths, find sunlit air
In the wastes
and dark between
Clutch this breath, of worn out things

Few more
Waiting for, waiting for…
Panel light
little sun
X and O
and life is done
Smooth halls
White gleam of youth
Memory is friend
To drift is truth
Theory has said
Machines have spoken
Lights all are red
And calling

Cassie waves her spell and shows the way
Take my hand again/Hold on and find the wind
Walk in beauty
Love eternity
Beacon it shines for us/Something is there for us

Wind almost throws me off side
Air fresh and burning sun
Waves to each other confide
Skirting across we run
Take the wheel
And pull around on my mark
we’re stopping here
And down we go
I wish I
wish I were old enough to take a dive alone
and give you all I’d find

Storms of last March set us back
but April showed promise and signs
We knew that patterns would come
We’d show them after all
I grew up
Among the sailors and the searchers on their screens
And so I’d dream
From the rocks
And the sands and far below these five seas
I’d find my fleece

Moon picks us out in the night
One ship alone all awake
The signal keeps calling, signal keeps shouting!
What we’ve been seeking and all understanding will change
Forever more
I have been
From the big lake to the shoal and I have seen
What few have seen
From the deep, to the furthest reaches will eventually
Lead us on

I did see
And all the threads begun that day they will remain
Will stay with me
I can feel
We’re about to break away from all we knew
All convention

Grasping for the line
You never held out for me
Erode away my time
My eyes are what I can’t see
Future and past
Are all right here before me
We’re not at home
And everything is always

The smallest of things we know
Reaching out and distance is
No barrier and meaningless right now
And so large a system calls
Just to talk from whence it came
Just to know another’s name
Wondering out
Vastness and voids it can’t reach
Till lifelines were sent